A military coup in 21st-century America? Unthinkable. Or is it…

“If there is one basic element of our constitution, it is civilian control of the military.” 

— Harry S. Truman

Accountable to no one, the OptionLock Initiative is a CIA-sponsored black-op controlled by powerful and shadowy men. Its function: when the legal system has used up all its options and has failed to secure a conviction on those people who are so powerful that ordinary courts will never be able to convict them of their crimes, the OptionLock Minutemen adjudicate in secret under the control of their director — General Curtis — and as an initiative of last resort, they authorise unlawful assassinations.

Commander Xander Lane — former Top Gun Naval aviator-turned Navy SEAL is General Curtis’s number one assassin. Following a failed mission into Colombia where he was betrayed, captured and brutally tortured, he bails from the team suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. His number two — the psychotic and sinister Lieutenant Commander Gladstone — takes his place.

Months later, when he’s well into his recovery, Lane decides to retire from the military altogether, so he can become a ‘proper’ father to his daughter for the first time.

That’s when General Curtis, who believes the President’s up-coming political initiatives are weakening the United States, asks him to return for one last mission; he wants Lane to assassinate the President under the pretence of a fake terrorist attack so he can suspend Congress and impose martial law.

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